If We Are Ever To See Ourselves as a Single Race, We Need to Stop Separating Ourselves by Race.

It seems pretty self-explanatory, and yet we continue to allow the conversation to be driven by our differences and not our commonalities. Every form you fill out, whether it be for school registration, a personal loan, or even just to go to the doctor, you’re asked to complete the race and ethnicity section. They call it Demographic Monitoring Data and it’s supposed to be to prevent discrimination. But does it?

Every time you turn on the news every story carries these color descriptors; “black man/woman” or “white man/woman”. Everyone is always identified by their race, color, or creed. Nobody is just “American” or “Human” anymore. You can’t even just say “man” or “woman” anymore because apparently there are 97 genders that we’ve been oblivious to for thousands of years.

Now I’m not saying that there aren’t racist assholes in the world; clearly there are. What I’m saying is that the division by label is tearing our country apart. Everyone is so concerned with which label they identify as that they seem to have forgotten the fundamental fact that we are all one race, one kind- HUMAN. If you’re in America and act as a citizen of America, you’re an American. These added labels are total bullshit and I’m confused as to why we ever bought into these labels in the first place.

The labels of division are a piece of who you identify as, but they aren’t YOU. They don’t define you, you define them.

We are all one people- American people. You don’t have to be born here, you don’t have to have a family lineage or bloodline; you just have to be a member of our “team” and to work with your fellow Americans toward the common goal of thriving in life, to the best of your ability. To contribute to society in a meaningful way, and above all, to LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR.

I could go on spouting facts about race and statistics about any number of data sets but there are plenty of people much more intelligent than I am that can educate and debate those. As far as I can tell, they don’t change the fundamental problem we’re facing.

We are being intentionally divided in an effort to be overthrown.

That’s right- WE are being overthrown.

The constitution puts the power in the hands of the people and ensures that WE are in charge. The people in political office are responsible for REPRESENTING us, not CONTROLLING us. This division by label is so they can use those labels against us; so they could know which labels they need to pander to in order to secure the next victory. THEY DON’T CARE ABOUT ANY OF US. As George Carlin says “It’s one big club, and you ain’t in it!”

The Constitution specifically states “ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL”. That doesn’t mean equal outcome, but it does mean equal opportunity and equal treatment. And if there is a system, or a program, or government body that is not holding true to equal opportunity, we should all rally together against it.

The rioting in the streets that we’re seeing in 2020 are NOT the answer. Shooting your neighbor over loot is NOT the answer.

Protest, PLEASE PROTEST, it’s one of your most fundamental rights (hence why it’s 1st in the Bill of Rights). The minute those protests become violent, they stop being protests. And I stop defending them.

You want all this to end?! DROP THE LABELS! They serve no purpose other than division and with division comes hate. With hate comes violence. With violence comes anarchy. With anarchy come martial law.

So unless you all want to see America and Americans being “ruled” by a military police state; KNOCK THE SHIT OFF, DROP THE LABELS, AND JUST BE AMERICANS AGAIN!

Use the cancel culture to CANCEL these assholes that want you divided. Cancel the assholes that want you to hate each other. Cancel the news that thinks you’re just a “black/white/mexican”. Cancel the news that tells you that we all hate eachother. Because we don’t.

This is America. We ARE Americans.

Where We Go One, We Go All #WWG1WGA

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